Group Dance Competition


  1. Entrant should be the choreographer of the piece.


  2. The dancers must be aged 6 or above.
    舞蹈員年齡須為 6 歲或以上。


  3. The number of dancers of each group must be between 6 and 18.
    每隊之舞蹈員數目須為 6 - 18人。


  4. Choreography must be based on classical ballet techniques


  5. Select your own music, time limitation within 3-5 minutes
    須自行選擇一首限時 3-5 分鐘以內的音樂。


  6. The piece may be performed with either soft shoes or en pointe. A combination of both is also acceptable.


  7. Entrants will compete in one competition (i.e. No Semi-Final nor Final for Group Dance Competition).
    參賽者將以一次性比賽形式作賽 (不設準決賽及總決賽)。

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