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About Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award


「香港芭蕾舞學會超新星大賞」,是全港首個公開芭蕾舞比賽。參賽者可參加獨舞比賽及/或群舞比賽。獨舞比賽分為初級組、高級 組、現代舞組及公開組。為保持中立,學會每屆都會邀請和本地舞蹈學校沒有關連的獨立舞蹈家及芭蕾舞大師擔任比賽評判團。比 賽自2000年首次舉辦至今,已吸引接近8,300名參賽者參賽,是城中觸目的芭蕾舞活動之一。

Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award, is the first ballet competition in Hong Kong. Entrants will compete in Solo and/or Group Dance Competition. The Solo Competition is divided into Junior, Senior, Contemporary and Open Sections. For impartiality, independent artists and ballet masters who are not affiliated with local dance schools are invited to be the adjudicators for the competition. Since its inception in 2000, the Competition has drawn almost 8,300 participants and has become one of the major ballet events in Hong Kong.

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